Flexigroup: CDwheels


We have come up with a very attractive alternative to the conventional 2-disc wheel chart. What we do is print on 2 CD's and connect them with a metal grommet.

This exciting new product offers these advantages:

CD's are attractive and shiny.
The piece is rigid and durable.
It can be wiped clean.
CD's are screen printed: the colors look great.
CD's have a high perceived value.

Now, imagine if the CD could operate as a wheel chart and also be inserted into a CD player? Now the CD Wheel would be offering information mechanically and digitally. We have a jewel box design that allows for this dual function. What a terrific way to add a new level of interest to a CD mailing or promotional offering.

Imagine the possibilities...

 A Pro Football Schedule Wheel Chart that you could pop into a CD player to offer a product catalogue.

 A Menstrual Wheel Chart that becomes a commercial for a pharmaceutical product.

 A Pearl Jam CD whose song titles appear by the spinning of the CD.

 A customized Wheel Chart/ CD Rom with your customized information!

Why throw away a CD after installing its software when it can continue to serve a useful purpose in it's afterlife?