Flexigroup helps you communicate your unique message more effectively with e-wheels: virtual information delivery tools that engage.

The challenge has always been how to attract interest in your message and stand apart from the clutter. Flexigroup can help with a customized email program that features an interactive tool that encourage engagement. Engagement is a strong allure, and is the core tool in Flexigroup's arsenal.

Our email programs start with an email containing a short animated preview of an interactive calculator. The animation attracts interest and encourages click throughs to a personalized URL that features a fully interactive calculator that delivers your message in a fun and interactive way. Accompanying the calculator is a strong call to action.
We are able to track users' behavior and their areas of interest at every step of the process and provide you with a comprehensive dashboard of useful information that will help you shape future outreach.
Contact Flexigroup and help us understand your unique marketing challenge so that we can develop a customized email marketing solution.
Online calculators are a great way to attract visitors to your site where you can make them aware of the products and services you offer. Flexigroup goes a step farther by developing interactive calculators with moving parts that make the user experience a bit more fun and engaging.