Why Flexigroup?

Flexigroup, a slide chart and wheel chart company located in New York City, is perfectly positioned to handle your slide chart or wheel.

Not only can we can handle the entire project, including all stages of design and production, but we can offer many unique designs that include several patented features that can help the piece come to life.

Founded in 1975 by Howard Bromberg, Flexigroup has grown to become a respected name in the world of information presentation. We have produced many millions of pieces, ranging in size from credit card size to oversized trade show displays, and in material from light weight paper to board 3/8" thick. We have produced slide charts that have been bound into magazines as sliding advertising inserts, and wheels that depict the 7 stages of male pattern baldness.

We approach each job as a opportunity to create something unique and memorable.

Additionally, by adding "bells and whistles" we can further enhance the presentation. A few examples include:

 Extra flaps for copy.

 Business Reply Cards, Rolodex Cards, coupons etc. that are perforated to the edge of the slide chart.

 Slide charts that are die cut into unique shapes like a car or a house or the shape of a product.

We are nimble enough to offer innovation, yet big enough to handle large projects quickly and efficiently.