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  Our designers are committed to remaining at the cutting edge of slide chart and wheel chart innovation. We approach each project as an opportunity to create something special that will stimulate, entertain and impress. We believe that our "corporate origami" offers a clear advantage over conventional methods of displaying information. Here are some examples:

dot2.gif (199 bytes)

 Allows a CD to also function as a Wheel Chart.

Grommet-less Pivots

 Allows for the assembly of a wheel chart without the use of a center grommet.

Pop-Up Slide Chart

 Combines the dimensional element of a pop up with the features of a slide chart.  

 This feature prevents the slide from ever becoming separated from it's sleeve.

Self Mailers

 Keeps the slide from sliding until it is "activated" by it's recipient.  

  Adds value to a publication.

Sliding Magazine Ads

  A great way to make your ad stand out.

  Allows for the inclusion of an extra variable of data.  

 A valuable tool for anyone attempting to navigate the streets of the Big Apple.