What are Slide Charts and Wheel Charts?

Borrowing the form of the mathematical slide rules of old, today's slide charts have evolved to display many kinds of information. Banks wishing to show the advantages of systematic investing, manufacturers who want to provide a product list and fast food companies who like to offer fun premiums with meals, all have made good use of these devices.

Slide charts have been used effectively as sales tools, premiums, training pieces, Point of Purchase displays, and as trade show hand outs.

Many companies and organizations have found slide charts and wheels to be an attractive alternative to the brochure or other more conventional mediums as a way of presenting data. Studies have shown that when you can get someone "involved" with your information, it is more likely to have meaning to them.

A slide chart is essentially a card that slides in and out of a sleeve to reveal information through die cut " windows" . Through the clever layout of the information, a message can be presented in an engaging and creative way.

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Wheel charts are a circular version of the slide chart. A wheel chart typically consists of two or more round discs connected at the center with a grommet. When the discs are rotated, information appears through die cut windows.


In this age of computers, where large amounts of information can be quickly accessed on line, these decidedly low-tech devices have not only not gone away, they are actually thriving.